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Frequently Asked Questions

  Answers to Your Questions About Notes

How will I be paid?

A check in the amount you agreed to sell your note for will be made when the transaction closes.


How soon do I get my money?

The speed of the closing process is determined by how fast you provide the documentation and our due diligence.  A typical closing is 7 - 20 days depending on the type of note.  If the note or other documentation have problems that must be addressed this could add some time to the closing process.


What is the difference between a quote and an appraisal?

A quote (dollar amount) for your note is submitted to you for you to approve and move on with the sale of the note or not. 

An appraisal is a specifically written detailed document showing not only the current "market value" of the note but it will also include up to 15 points or characteristics (and their rating) of the note and property securing the note that go into determining the value of the note.


Do I need to get an appraisal before selling my note?

No, if you are ready to sell your note then you can save the expenses of ordering an appraisal just get a quote.


Would you consider a note currently in default?

That depends, all notes submitted will be considered on a case by case basis and the only way of finding out if we could buy it is to submit the information online or to contact us.  There is a very narrow market for these types of notes and you have to be prepared to accept a substantial loss in the event that there is an offer to purchase your note in default.  Of course in the event that you get an offer that is acceptable,  you would sell it  "without recourse" that is, you will be completely out of the picture and nobody can come after you to collect.  Most other companies don't let you know about this. Any note regardless of current status should be sold "without recourse", make sure the company you deal with does this for you.


Will selling my note affect the person paying me now?

NO!  A note is a binding contract.  Therefore the terms such as interest, amortization period, frequency of payments and amount of payment cannot be changed.  The only change they will make is to the name on the "Pay to the order of" line of their checks and the address they will send the checks to.


Do I have to sell all my note? Do you do partials?

No, you do not have to sell ALL the remaining payments, Azua Capital Investments will buy a number of payments that will get you the cash you need if that is what you require, we will try to accommodate you. Click here for a quote.

Click here for an important note about the pit falls of selling partials that almost no other company will tell you about.

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