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If you are faced with a cash flow problem and are considering your options, we have one option that is mostly overlooked by many of the "experts".  We are referring to real estate notes, annuities, trust deeds, land contracts, business notes, contract for deeds, structured settlements, privately held mortgages and other notes.  If you are receiving small monthly payments on a note you created as a way to sale some property, you may have the answers to your cash flow problems right in you hands and not even know about it.


Banks buy and sell mortgages by the thousands on a daily basis and make a lot of money doing so.  They do this to improve their cash flow.  Now you can too, if you have a cash flow note. Did you know that you have a right to sell that note to an investor.  Get paid a large sum of CASH NOW instead of small payments on a monthly basis.  Sound too good to be true?  Well let me assure you that this is real!  And, it won't cost you a thing to find out just how much you could get for that note you have in your portfolio.


Welcome to Azua Capital Investments, we specialize in helping you get the most money for your notes of any size.  We buy many types of notes.  ACI and the investors we work with are always searching for more opportunities for investments.  We make it easy for you to get your money quickly, if you decide to sell your note to us or our partners.  We will give you the prompt courteous service you deserve and we will try our best to accommodate you and your needs.

If you have a "carry back" or cash flow note and are tired of the small monthly payments that are probably not utilized or invested as wisely as they should then give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.  Quote now!


Cash In
                Your Investment

If you are tired of the accounting headaches, the reporting ( I. R. S. ) headaches, collecting headaches, and the host of other problems that holding notes bring contact us now and we will start things moving to get you the cash you want so that you can invest in whatever  your interests are.


If you are selling a home or property and are having a hard time finding "qualified" buyers in the traditional sense than you owe it to yourself to see our section on Seller Financing and Simultaneous Closings to find out how ACI can help you sell your home or property on your terms.  In a slow real estate market your real estate agent will probably just keep asking you to drop your asking price so they can move that property. There is an alternative and we can help.


If your are a house flipper or rehabber make sure you click here to see how ACI can help you as well.  Don't let your hard work and profits slip away because you can't find a qualified buyer right away.  In many cases lowering your price brings no more offers so make sure to contact us and let us show you how to get the most out of your hard work and your investment.  Don't sell yourself short.  Get a quote now.


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