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Note Appraisal Service

Alpha-Lambda Enterprises can appraise the value of you note receivable.  By having an appraisal done on your note you will have a solid idea of the current monetary value of the note based on its "saleable" points.


We are certified members of the Southmost Institute of Privately Held Note and Mortgages Appraisers Association and will provide you with an appraisal based on their guidelines. Depending on the property securing the note, your note appraisal will include ratings on up to 15 different points.  You will get a written statement showing the criteria used (and it's rating) along with the current value of the note.


Please note any appraisal done is not an actual quote, and should you decide to sell your note, brokering fees must be taken into account just like any property sold through an agent or broker.

If you decide to let Alpha-Lambda Enterprises Inc. broker your note (sell it) after you have gotten an appraisal done by us, we will refund the cost of the appraisal after closing.  Please note that if the appraisal was done more than 60 (sixty) days prior to contacting us to broker your note (i.e. sell it), we can not refund any monies.  Thank you.

Please contact us to set up an appraisal.


Please be prepared to supply the following to get an accurate appraisal:

  • Copy of the note

  • Copy of the deed of trust, mortgage or land contract

  • Copy of the title insurance policy

  • Copy of the closing statement from the real estate sale

  • Copy of the escrow instructions from real estate sale in which the contract was created

  • Copy of the current appraisal of security (real estate) {tax assessor's value can be substituted}

  • Credit report and score of payor

  • Payment History (# payments made / # payments left)

  • Loan payment record or copies of bank deposits

  • Optional but very helpful - 2 pictures of property, plans, surveys and map showing property location.

  • May require other documents depending on property


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