Reverse Mortgages


The Truth About H.E.C.M.s


Seniors 62+ now have an investment tool unavailable to the rest of the general population!  They don't call them the "Golden Years" for nothing.

Have you ever wanted to invest in income producing properties but wondered where you get the funds? 

If seniors knew that they did not need to have income or credit requirements, to apply and receive funds, they would not need to live on a "minimal fixed income" afforded to them by social security.

Savvy seniors are tapping into a little known and much misunderstood government insured (HUD) program that guarantees seniors lump sum payments or monthly payments to supplement their income!  Read on to find out how.


Using a H.E.C.M. seniors can get anywhere from 50%-70% of the value of their principle residence to invest or spend as they see fit. Since there is NO repayment requirements until the last surviving owner expires or no is longer living there,  seniors are able to remain in their homes and still have money to invest or spend as they see fit.  They will never owe more than their home is worth (thanks to this  government insured program) and in effect can enjoy built up equity while remaining the owners of record.  Since there are no restrictions on how the funds are used some seniors choose to pay off other debts, buy new cars, buy vacation homes, give their children needed down payments on their new homes or just get extra monthly payments to be able to go out and enjoy their golden years.


We have been in the finance business for over 20 years and have spent the last 6 helping seniors live more comfortably then they ever thought possible.


Case Study 1.

Carlos from Brownsville, Texas is a widower who was living off social security owned his home free and clear was living comfortably but wanted to have extra spending money for his fishing hobby, he loved fishing in the Laguna Madre bay but also enjoyed going deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico on occasions.  He found himself unable to do this as often as he wanted to due to the costs involved.  He contacted me and explained his needs and situation.  We determined that his home was valued at $325,000.00.  He opted to get a lump sum payment of $162,000.00.  He found 3 nice foreclosed 3bedroom/2bath homes in stable neighborhoods each for less than $50,000 each.   He was able to buy them in cash and began renting to families on the local housing authority list of recipients (section 8) for $600/month.  Now he enjoys $1,800/month direct from the housing authority without having to collect from his tenants.  After expenses, he nets well over 18,000.00/year.  The real beauty of this loan is that he still owns his primary residence and does not have to pay the loan back until he no longer lives there!  Now he has plenty of time and more importantly money to enjoy his passion!


Case Study 2.

Evelyn and Jerry retirees from McAllen Texas enjoy the beach so much they were spending an average of more $500/month staying at condos in South Padre Island, Texas.  After determining their home value at $300,000.00, they opted to take out a H.E.C.M. in the form of a lump sum and bought a condo at South Padre Island for $117,300.00 cash.  They furnished it lavishly and now it is their second home (which they use all the time to entertain family and friends).  In the winter months (3 to 4 months out of the year) when we get an influx of Winter Texas, they lease it out for $1,500/month.  That's up to $4,500.00 - $6,000.00 more than enough to cover their yearly HOA fees, taxes and yearly utilities.  


Case Study 3.

Juan and Matilda from Weslaco, Texas owned a modest home valued at $66,800.00 and had not been able to pay their taxes for the last two years.  Their home was being auctioned off at the court house in less than two months when they call us.  We were able to secure a line of  credit for over  $41,000.00.  They paid their taxes and saved their home, and now plan to use their line of credit to pay their yearly taxes and insurance.  Now they can live worry free in their own home for a long time without having to repay the yearly draws they use to pay their taxes and insurance.  They could not find the way to thank us for helping them get the money they needed without burdening their family.


So there you have it the power of H.E.C.M.s or Reverse Mortgages are a blessing to seniors who have worked hard all their lives and just need or want to get their homes to pay them without having to sell their homes.  Like most of our clients say, "You can't take it with you"!


Call to find out how you can tap into your home's equity without having to sell your home!  I'll give you all the details without any pressure.  This in an important decision and we respect your need to do your due diligence.  After deciding to go forward with your decision we promise to walk you through all the steps needed to secure your loan.


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