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Seller Financing Options

Ideally when a property goes up for sale, the seller hopes to sell fast and get his asking price -$$$- at closing.  When “Ideally” is not realistic you must look for alternatives.

When the owner of a property offers the buyer to “carry back” a note, he/she immediately “opens up” that property to a bigger pool of potential buyers.  Owner financing can be structured to meet the seller’s terms when buyers cannot obtain traditional loans. In this case the seller of the property becomes agrees to finance the sell.  He will take a down payment and then agrees to take small monthly payments for a set period of time as agreed on and recorded in the note.

There are different advantages to owner financing when selling one’s own property. Once the owner and buyer agree to create the note, this opens up the possibility of selling the note in the future or doing a simultaneous closing  and getting a lump sum for the note that was created.

See how this could work for you.


Sell Your Home With Owner

Owner financing is a great way to sell property! Contact us and we will help guide you through the process.  Although we offer no legal advice, we can give you ideas to help you sell your property faster and quite possibly for more than you would get if you went through traditional financing.

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