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Why Would I Want To Sell My Note?


Selling a real estate note is done for one reason;  to get a LARGE sum of CA$H NOW instead of a small monthly payments for a long time.  Banks and lending institutions sell thousands of real estate notes on a daily basis and they make a lot of money.  Now you may have the same opportunity! 




The owner of the note may have different needs for this money such as:


  • Help finance a mortgage on a new home, vacation property, boat, car or investment property.

  • Owner may be retiring and needs additional money to pursue other interests or endeavors.

  • Help finance a family member’s education.

  • Investment opportunity which requires a large sum of money to pursue.

  • Eliminate the responsibility and risks of collecting monthly payments, not to mention the accounting and reporting (IRS) headaches.

  • Pay off high interest loans and debts.

  • Never really wanted the note in the 1st place but had to accept it in order to sell their property.

  • Personal family tragedy such as a death or divorce.

  • Monthly payments are not being effectively used and are “wasted” on non-essentials like entertainment and eating out. A lot of people fall in this category. What are you using you monthly payments for?


Your Note Is Worth Cash Fast And Easy

Whatever your situation may be, selling your note may be the answer to your cash flow problems.  Contact us and we will let you know if we can help by giving you a free quote. By selling your note you may have the large sum of cash you need now instead of waiting for the life of mortgage to pass to get your money. How much is my note worth?

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