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Simultaneous Closing

Simultaneous Closing is a unique seller financing strategy that offers the owners of property to sell in a shorter time and in some cases at higher prices than using the traditional loan route.  Simultaneous closing is considered seller or owner financing it offers the credit “challenged” buyer a chance to own a home without having to go through the bank.  This translates to more buyers looking at your property and in some cases a higher offer on the property because more buyers could be bidding on your property. 


Since the buyer does not have access to traditional loans, he/she will acknowledge the fact that a higher down payment might be expected in order to secure the seller’s terms of financing.  The two parties discuss and agree on the terms of the financing and create a note.

Ok, so what?  The seller sold his property faster and even got a higher price but now has to wait the whole length of the term to get his money or hope that the buyer wins the lottery and pays him off early. Now add this to the equation; the seller still owes some money to his bank and it is “due on sale”.  That is, if the current owner sells the property the balance of the loan is due when the sell occurs.  This will only work for the seller IF the down payment is sufficient to cover the current loan. 

Ok, good, the new buyer gave a big enough down payment to cover the seller’s loan.  Problem solved, right?  Not even close, now the seller has no down payment to put on his new home and he is stuck with small monthly payments and the headache of collecting.

Make More Money Using Simultaneous Closing



Did you know that the seller has the right to sell that note?  Yes, he does!  We can help with that by offering a free quote on that note.  The property seller offers his note for sale – gets a decent bid – sells the note and now he gets his money.  Ok, but what if the seller can’t wait as in a case where the seller still has a balance on the his mortgage and is due on sale.


Here is the beauty of simultaneous closing.  The sale of the property and the sale of the newly created note are done at the same time!  Provided the note that was created is done correctly, the note becomes negotiable and valuable to a potential investor.  The seller negotiates to sale his note to an investor working with ACI and specifies that it closes at the same time that the property is sold, that is --“simultaneously”.  The investor agrees and the note is sold (to the investor) at the same time that the property is sold (to the new owner.)  Of course this closing is done just like any other closing with a title company or real estate lawyer and escrow accounts so that all parties involved get what is coming to them.


The buyer gets his new home, the mortgage company gets paid off and the seller gets what is left after the mortgage is paid off and can apply that money towards his new property.  Not to mention the seller will no longer have the headache of receiving/collecting small monthly payments as well as the associated accounting and reporting responsibilities.  As you can see, Owner Financing with Simultaneous Closing when a note is properly structured and sold to our investors is a powerful and potentially profitable alternative when traditional financing threatens to end a real estate transaction. 


Click here for an example of how this can work for you.


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Real Estate Investors

Due to current economic conditions, the "Simultaneous Closing" game has changed for you!!!

Please note that if you are "flipping" or wholesaling properties this may NOT be for you, since you will not be on title for any significant length of time.  This presents a problem to note buyers (note investors) who look for hard equity in the properties securing the seller financed note.  If however, you are willing to season the note for at least 3 to 6 months, then proceed with the transaction and then sell your note after that time frame.  Make sure to contact us or get our "Note Owner's Manual and Checklists" and review the section on creating a "sell-able" note.



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